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Due Diligence Due Diligence Services:
Whether you are a buyer, lender, or seller, Ciro E. Adams, CPA, LLC, can provide due diligence services to support your decision-making process across a wide range of transactions and assist in identifying areas that affect deal negotiations.  The analysis of recurring earnings and quality of earnings, key revenue and cost drivers, balance sheet accounts, operating information and working capital needs helps buyers and their lenders structure transactions strategically, as well as, assisting sellers in realizing the strengths and weaknesses of their position. Tax implications effect every business transaction, so tax guidance can help identify tax-favorable strategies for transactions involving mergers and business combinations, real estate purchases or acquiring business assets.  In addition, “ownership changes” can have adverse tax consequences on the ability to use net operating losses and tax credits carryforwards.  The firm’s tax advice may lead to better utilization of these carryforwards.  The firm can also assist in evaluating the tax aspects of restructuring or divestiture decisions.
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